Romantic evening wear for women

The prospect of a romantic evening is exciting for any woman. Candles, moonlight, a lovely meal, stars, a glass of wine, our imaginations run wild. But what to wear? Don’t let dress stress ruin your romantic evening.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sparkling your way into an evening to remember.

Dressing romantic evening largely depends on how you will be spending it, so dress according to the romantic setting you don’t want to be struggling through beach sand with your killer high heels, do you? The clothes you wear will help to set the romantic tone, if you are feeling beautiful and sexy you will exude those attributes.

The dos

Wear an outfit that is classy, but sexy. Find your best asset and flaunt it, but keep the rest of your body under wraps. For example, if you know you have killer legs, show them off with a shorter hemline and heels. But if you do, be sure to cover the cleavage so that you don’t look sleazy.

How to be more romantic?



If breasts are your best, find a top that showcases some cleavage from a certain angle, giving a little hint of viewing pleasure for your date. Its a tricky balance, but you’ll know when you’ve found it.

The dont’s

Even if your romantic evening isĀ  low-key, don’t dress down. Put thought into your outfit to help create a romantic setting and mood. You don’t want to put off your partner with last nights spaghetti bolognaise stain.

Whats the occasion?

If you plan on a romantic dinner, start with a flirty or sweet dress that shows off your best assets. Pair this with some statement jewelry, such as swingy earrings. Heels instantly make a woman feel sexier. Just make sure yours are comfortable enough so that you can spend the whole night on them.

For a romantic evening spent snuggling in front of the fire, dress for comfort, using touchable fabrics such as cashmere.